Fibre from Synextra – Superfast, Symmetrical and Solely Yours.

Fibre from Synextra.
Superfast, symmetrical and solely yours.

Not all fibre is created equal. That’s why Synextra doesn’t just work with one provider.
We work with multiple national fibre providers, to get your business the best
connection possible. Make sure your business is ready for the cloud with fibre from Synextra.

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The fastest Internet in the west

Ever struggled to download files, open emails or load web pages? A slow connection can cost your business thousands in wasted hours and lost productivity. With a superfast connection from Synextra’s providers, you’ll never be left waiting again.


Symmetrical speeds

Our superfast connections give your business symmetrical speeds up to 1GBps – meaning you’ll be able to upload large files and videos as quickly as you can download them.

Best possible connection

By working with multiple nationwide fibre providers, rather than a single partner, we can always get you the best possible connection at the best possible price.

Completely uncontended

Say goodbye to throttled speeds and bandwidth issues. With a superfast connection from Synextra, your business will have a dedicated connection piped directly into your office.

Guaranteed by SLA

Suffer from inconsistent connections? Internet drop out on a whim? With Synextra, you'll get a robust connection that will never be down for more than 5 hours – guaranteed.

Find out if you can get better Internet today

Slow Internet connections holding your business back? See how Synextra’s superfast
and symmetrical fibre speeds can help your business grow today.

What is superfast fibre?

Whether you’re ready to roll out SmartStac Hosted Desktops across your business, or want to take advantage of our cheaper, HD-quality VoIP services; you’ll need a strong and robust internet connection. Just like the superfast fibre connections from our partners. By working with multiple providers, we can always get the best connection at the best possible price for your business.

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