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Azure & AWS

The power of Azure and AWS technology integrated into expertly designed, deployed and supported Multi-Cloud strategies.

Why Azure and AWS?

Azure and AWS offer extensive, easy to manage cloud services as simple to deploy and manage as they are effective. Fine-tune your cloud resources, web hosting, testing and app development environments on a more granular scale.

The Benefits of Azure & AWS

From testing and developing apps, to website hosting and AI-driven services, Azure and AWS let you focus your energy and abilities on managing end users and developing exciting new applicatioons.

Global Scale

Spanning across 60 availability zones within 20 geographic regions around the world, Azure and AWS empower businesses to harness the economies of scale that cloud offers.


Fine grain control over capacity, processing and storage allow your business to scale up and down your VMs on-demand.

Ready-to-deploy Solutions

Ready-to-go business solutions such as CRM, Big Data and DevOps help your business hit the ground running in your new cloud.

Secure and Compliant

Comprehensive security capabilities such as compliancy controls, auditing capabilities and security accreditations satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

Migrating to AWS or Azure?

Managed Data Centre Connects

A managed interconnect such as Azure ExpressRoute or AWS Direct Connect allows you to extend your on-premise networks into the public cloud over a private connection.

Interconnects do not go over the public Internet. Instead, they use private Layer 3 connections to bring your Azure and AWS cloud ‘on net’. Benefit from greater reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, higher security and QoS support.

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Public Cloud Migrations

Are you getting the most out of your cloud resources? We’ll help you move your virtual machines on to public cloud platforms for more secure and efficient performance.

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Multi-Cloud Integrations

We integrate the power of AWS and Azure, POD, SmartStac and other cloud platforms, into expertly designed, deployed and supported multi-cloud strategies.

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Getting the most from Azure and AWS?

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