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Combine the best in public, private and hybrid cloud platforms to deliver the best cost-to-performance ratio for your business' IT.

Why Multi-Cloud?

Why use only one of the many cloud platforms available when you can easily and seamlessly use the best platform for each task at hand.

Testing and developing. Website and app hosting. Backup and recovery. Multi cloud lets you place the right task, in the right place, at the right time, allowing your teams to focus your energy and abilities on delivering business growth.

The Benefits of Multi-Cloud

Cost-efficient cold storage? High-performance, dedicated servers? Industry-compliant data processing? Our experts will help you to blend the best in public, private and shared cloud platforms and maximise your investment in the cloud.

Boost Performance

With certain platforms better suited to some tasks than others, multi-cloud let’s you place virtual environments in the best cloud for each workload.

Cut Costs

Take advantage of lower cost storage when performance isn’t a concern, without impacting upon your more intensive applications.

Increase Resiliency

Multi-cloud was designed for business continuity, allowing your IT to be platform agnostic, as well as geo-resilient.

Achieve Growth

With apps and virtual environments now running on their best platforms, IT will run more efficiently, allowing internal teams to focus on proactive IT support.

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Multi-Cloud Breakdown


The perfect cost/performance balance for mid-size enterprises that uses the best in shared storage and the best in dedicated servers.


Secure storage and scalable processing on-demand. A great value, key component of your Multi-Cloud mix.


Multi-region, public cloud infrastructure from Amazon. Spin agile app development environments up and down with ease.

Microsoft Azure

Multi-region, public cloud infrastructure. Replatform legacy apps for the cloud with tools such as Azure SQL and Azure AD.

Managed DRaaS

The first IT Resilience Platform™ built with the cloud in mind. Automated, cost-effective, enterprise-class DR-as-a-Service.


Bring all of your servers, data centres and sites into one cohesive, secure network that reduces costs and complexity.

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