Case Study:
National Schools Training [Case Study]

The challenge

Our client, National Schools Training (NST), faced many challenges with their IT systems when we undertook a review on their behalf.

As the leading provider of training services to the education sector, the NST works on a national scale and therefore needs an IT infrastructure in place which supports staff working UK-wide in a number of locations.

The diagnosis

A thorough audit quickly identified that the networks presently in place at the NST were not up to the job. Not only did internet connections run inefficiently and unreliably, but internal communications were hampered by systems that were poorly integrated, so even simple tasks such as file sharing were impossible in some cases.

I can’t thank Synextra enough for their common-sense approach to our issues. They really listened to the problems we faced and have provided a well thought-out, bespoke solution. Not only has staff productivity increased immeasurably but features such as video conferencing have led to time and cost savings too – a double win for us. NST Director Neil Gamewell is thrilled with the improvements

The solution

Making some well-considered changes has transformed staff productivity at the National Schools Training. Through the implementation of Office 365, staff can use Microsoft Lync to communicate via chat or video conferencing no matter where they are based in the UK.

Email data and company information now exist in a centrally housed location, accessible quickly and easily by all staff regardless of geographic location. The deployment of a cloud-active directory, which is synchronised with Office 365, has allowed account management to become streamlined, centralised and accessible to all in real-time.

Through Synextra’s involvement in the Connection Voucher Scheme, National Schools Training’s internet connection was also upgraded to an impressive 30mbps, with the inclusion of a Fortinet firewall to enable the troubleshooting of any network issues promptly and securely.

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