POD Hybrid

Your own platform, managed by us, with dedicated compute resources

How does POD Hybrid work?

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How does POD Hybrid work?

Choose your servers
We offer a wide range of bundles enabling you to choose the one right for the needs of your business.

Choose your storage
How many terabytes do you require for each tier of storage?

Choose your add-ons
Add any licenses and choose bolt-ons including disaster recovery, antivirus or network based IPS.

Choose your support
We will always support your infrastructure, but you can bolt-on managed IT services for VM support too.

Choose your migration plan
Let us know how you want to move to the cloud, and we will get you there seamlessly.

The benefits of
Synextra POD Hybrid

Provides access to a platform and team that are an extension of your business
No application refactoring required
Simplifies the consumption of complex enterprise infrastructure

The benefits of
Synextra POD Hybrid

Removes time consuming infrastructure management tasks
Provides peace of mind with managed nightly backups

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Why choose Synextra POD Hybrid?

POD Hybrid is the ideal platform for your infrastructure. Built on the technology you know and trust, it enables you to focus on your in-house projects instead of taking care of your infrastructure.

To deliver POD Hybrid, we use a range of industry-leading vendors including VMware, a technology your IT team will already be familiar with, so no need for retraining. The perfect platform for growth, you are able to clone environments in seconds which enables you to carry out testing without creating any disruption. We understand keeping interruptions and downtime down to a minimum is important, so you can feel assured with POD Hybrid that if a backup is needed, you can retrieve it within seconds.

Ready to find out about how POD Hybrid can transform your business?

Your perfect platform for growth

POD Hybrid provides a cost effective alternative to building and maintaining in-house data centre environments without losing control of virtual environments. Driven by the adoption of web-scale technologies, POD Hybrid is a unified IT operating environment that blends private and public clouds providing a single point of control for managing infrastructure and applications in any cloud.

Designed to support performance hungry, business-critical environments, Synextra's POD Hybrid combines dedicated enterprise servers with ultrafast NetApp storage to deliver a powerful, dedicated cloud to scale with your business.

Manage your VMs, not your infrastructure

Bundle compute options with OpEx consumption

Bolt-on VM support

24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure

Need a highly adaptable, enterprise-level platform?