POD Private

Dedicated next-generation hyper-coverage infrastructure

The most advanced cloud we’ve ever built

Spanning data centre locations and offering sub-second synchronous data replication, it allows for autonomous failover. Your mission-critical workloads need extreme performance and availability. But why build and maintain in-house data centre environments when you can leave it to the experts without any loss of control? Synextra’s POD Private environment is designed to match your business performance with dedicated enterprise servers and storage to deliver you an intelligent and powerful devoted cloud platform. Thanks to our partnership with Intel we only use NVME storage to deliver the highest of performance, and our expert team will work alongside you to deliver a simple and smooth transition to your new cloud environment with 24/7 support.

The benefits of
Synextra POD Private

Your team can focus on strategic projects while Synextra manages your infrastructure
No application refactoring required
24/7 peace of mind with dual data centre options

The benefits of
Synextra POD Private

Get access to a platform and team that are an extension of your business
Proven autonomous disaster recovery with multi-site deployment

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Why choose Synextra POD Private?

Dedicated VMware cloud that offers exceptional processing power that gives you full control of your virtual machines, without the hassle of managing the underlying infrastructure. With an SLA of 100%, with POD Private you will see an improvement to your productivity.

Reduce cost and complexity

Continuous data protection

Complete disaster recovery

VMware NSX Firewall with POD Private

As part of our POD Private offering, we include VMware NSX which goes beyond a perimeter firewall, offering internal firewalls that are situated between individual machines. Using micro-segmentation, NSX can segment within cloud environments to isolate applications and servers from another. This individually secures these environments giving them protection against internal threats through the monitoring of east-west traffic. NSX also provides IPS and IDS traffic analysis which helps to mitigate the damage that can occur from threats that get around your network perimeter. With NSX and POD Private, you can quickly create and reconfigure network segments, stop the movement of attacks in your network, and adhere to compliance regulations – all in a reliable and robust cloud environment.

Ready to find out about how POD Private could work for your business?