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Sean Worrall

Cutting Business Communication Costs With VoIP

We like Skype and its free or low-cost telephone calls over the Internet but it is primarily for consumers. The commercial-grade version, “Voice over IP” (VoIP), is now readily available. This has been shown to reduce your BT phone bills by up to 60%. It also offers amazing features and takes advantage of the great connectivity available throughout Manchester.

VoIP uses your superfast broadband to make and receive calls, instead of separate BT etc. phone lines. Here are some reasons to seriously consider it VoIP to cut your Business Communication Costs:

VoIP is robust and mature

VoIP has been around for 10 years and is now the method of choice for delivering phone calls between businesses. Adoption of VoIP has been gradual due to poor Internet connectivity but recent improvements to bring superfast Internet connectivity to Manchester make VoIP an attractive option to SME’s in the area.

VoIP Slash telephony costs

On average, VoIP users save 60% of local, national and international call charges. What’s more, you don’t need costly line rental or maintenance as all calls go over the Internet. If your broadband needs upgrading for VoIP, the Government’s “Connection Voucher” scheme gives you up to £3,000 to do so.

Unified communications

Traditional phones just offer voice. VoIP phones can integrate email, browsers, instant messaging and call recording. It is a great boost for productivity and collaboration, especially for employees that typically work remotely. For disaster recovery, you can divert calls instantly to alternative locations.

Improve service to your customers, partners and suppliers

VoIP lets you really help your callers; you can play marketing messages, move calls seamlessly between users and offices and patch in specialist advisers. Mobile staff can use apps to connect back to their office phone. It is also simple to divert calls to mobiles or colleagues – or both. VoIP can also deliver voicemail as a playable email attachment.

Contact Synextra if you want to cut your Business Communication Costs using VoIP. We will be happy to find a solution that suits your business.


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