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Chris Piggott

INSIGHT 03: How to Make IT Transformation Faster and Easier (Part 1)

In this series “INSIGHT: The Technical Director’s Perspective” I’ll share my years of hands-on experience to demystify the Cloud and help you gain control over your IT roadmap. IT Transformation (also called digital transformation) is not a single project. It’s not something you can tick off and say “we’ve done that”. For enterprises that embrace true digital transformation and agile business practises, It’s an ongoing journey. An ever-evolving process.

A simple analogy for IT transformation is to think of your enterprise as if it were a Formula 1 race team. Not only are they developing their car (IT) to compete and succeed in each race (each new project) but, they are also developing the car for the future, for the next season, when the rules have changed.

And at the same time, they are developing themselves. Creating new processes for testing and building parts for each car, developing new, more efficient workflows, continually improving themselves in a bid to stay at the front of the pack. To outpace their rivals.

In their CIOs Reveal IT Transformation Priorities and Successes report, IDG sums up IT Transformation in this way: “IT transformation as an engine to drive business transformation keeps evolving, has been underway for years―and will continue into the foreseeable future.”

With this in mind, how can you keep your team in pole position?

Identifying IT Transformation Challenges

The greatest barriers to IT Transformation of business are not technical. In fact, they are people and process-related, as discovered by IDG’s analysis. That means businesses need to approach these challenges differently than before. No longer will a ‘waterfall’ management approach allow businesses to overcome their problems.

Instead, businesses need to:

  • Transform the way their transform
  • Make consumption of complex technology platforms simple
  • Overcome their legacy mentalities.

Transform the Way You Transform

Because IT Transformation is a never-ending process, because it’s about long-term agility and not about short-term gains, is exactly the reason why enterprises need to look beyond the immediate outcomes, before they can understand the benefits of digital transformation and get better at the transformation process itself.

In IDG’s analysis, they also discovered that 96% of questionnaire participants were looking to evolve their IT teams into an end-to-end, service delivery workforce, focussed solely on developing and deploying new IT services for the business, driving productivity, change and growth.

Unfortunately, 77% recognised the fact that their IT teams still operate in siloed groups, unable to accomplish this task.

To be able to accomplish IT transformation, IT leaders need to champion new methods and ideologies if they are to accelerate the pace of change in their organisation.

Firstly, they need to break away from the mentality of ‘it’s always been done this way’ in favour of new technologies that make IT easier to consume. This will in-turn help break down the inflexible company policies and domain siloes that slow down your enterprise’s ability to revolutionise the way it operates and deliver the results of IT transformation.

Getting rid of these barriers is necessary to avoid collecting not just technical debt, but the kind of ‘agility debt’ that makes it exponentially harder to change moving forward.

Once you’ve begun the process of ‘transforming the way you ‘transform by championing new methods and ideologies, you next need to simplify your approach to cloud and the technologies you adopt, as well as overcoming legacy mentalities with stakeholders.

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