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Chris Piggott

INSIGHT 04: How To Make Your IT Transformation Faster and Easier (Part 2)

In this series “INSIGHT: The Technical Director’s Perspective” I’ll share my years of hands-on experience to demystify the Cloud, help you gain control over your IT roadmap and Make your IT Transformation faster.

IT Transformation is not a single project. It’s not something you can tick off and say “we’ve done that”. For enterprises that embrace true digital transformation and agile business practises, it’s an ongoing journey. An ever-evolving process.

In my last post in this Insight series, I started to talk about how you can make your digital transformation journey faster and easier, without cutting corners or sacrificing your desired business outcomes.

After ‘transforming the way you transform’ by championing new ideologies, you next need to simplify your approach to cloud, as well as overcoming legacy mentalities with stakeholders.

Make consumption of complex technology platforms simple

This is true for every touchpoint in your business. From end-users to stakeholders and your internal IT team. You need to make complex technologies easy to consume.

For end-users, simplifying the consumption of complex technology platforms means an improved experience, without increasing the learning curve required to get the most out of IT.

A successful IT transformation requires separating the technology from the end-user. They should be unaware of the underlying changes being made, noticing only an increase in features and productivity.

For stakeholders, it means being able to showcase the value of the proposed solution to IT and to the business. This includes the financial impact, such as cost savings and ROI, as well as non-financial impacts, such as boosts in productivity and improved perception of IT.

If you provide context, costs and benefits for key stakeholders, they can understand the need and value of Digital transformation in business.

And for IT, this means few barriers to entry and a quicker rate of acceptance for the ‘new way of doing things’.

Overcome Legacy Mentalities

It’s far too easy to slip into a false sense of knowledgeable superiority when you’ve been with a company for a long time. To think that you know everything there is to know. When in actual fact, you only know what you’ve needed to know in the past. Not what you will need to know in the future.

This mindset change is critical during periods of IT transformation. To think ahead, to adapt and be willing to learn.

In times of IT transformation, enterprises need an agent of change. Someone willing to be the lone voice. To stand up. To not get sucked into what’s been done before.

This person can either be sourced externally, either from a cloud provider that can also be a transformational leader, such as Synextra.

Whoever you choose, they must exhibit the aforementioned skills necessary to help drive true change. To think ahead, to adapt and be willing to learn.

They must also have the full backing of management. They must be the organisation’s champion. Putting the company above their own interests and the interests of others. Only then can they be effective in their role and help the business achieve all of its goals.

Summary of making  your IT Transformation faster and easier

John-David Lovelock, chief forecaster at Gartner, sees the change in IT, where it’s no longer viewed as a platform on which enterprises merely run their business, but that IT is “becoming the engine that moves the business.”

Moving that engine efficiently, with the least amount of resistance, requires a coordinated effort from all parties. To break down the barriers between teams, between IT and management, between stakeholders and ‘outdated’ ideologies. To get all parties working from the same playbook.

IT Transformation is that playbook. It details where your business works best and where can be improved.

And by following the principles discussed in this article, a successful IT transformation process will require less time and effort from all parties involved.

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