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Our Network

Our robust, Cisco-exclusive, UK-wide network guarantees 100% uptime to your cloud.

Data Centre Locations

We operate a resilient 10Gbps backbone, providing the performance that your WAN needs to operate efficiently. Our national network lets us connect your cloud directly to you.

Enterprise Datacentres

Your cloud is the central hub of your IT infrastructure, so our world-class data centre facilities are equipped to the highest industry standards, ensuring your solutions are always secure and operationally efficient.

On-site presence 24/7

How we keep your data physically secure:

  • Controlled access to site
  • Coded entry to data centre
  • Security guards
  • Photo ID required for access
  • Access to required sections only
  • Rack-specific access control
Business continuity

How we keep your solutions live 24/7:

  • Multi-DC redundancy
  • On-site engineers
  • Backup generators
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Fire suppression
Highly efficient

How we reduce your operating costs:

  • 1.2 PUE data centres
  • Thermophase cooling
  • Cold-aisle containment
  • Motion activated lights

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