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2020 saw the rapid evolution of corporate culture in embracing digital transformation and overcoming the challenges of working remotely, whilst providing flexibility to the workforce. Synextra successfully delivered collaboration solutions for many of its customers – almost overnight in some cases.

Synextra believes cloud technology should enable your teams to work effortlessly. If you’d like to explore the benefits that having a unified cloud-based solution can provide you, then the team at Synextra can help you design, implement and manage a solution that’s right for your growing organisation.

  1. Improved productivity
  2. Work on any device from anywhere
  3. Vastly improved collaboration between teams
  4. The ability to track workflows more easily
  5. Improved employee engagement in projects and ongoing work
  6. Access to real time data and information
  7. Data is backed-up to the cloud keeping it secure
  8. Efficiency gains and a reduction in call charges

Collaboration Solutions

Cloud Cost Optimisation


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9 Critical Cloud Cost Optimisation Tips

Cloud cost optimisation comprises three broad stages: Migration planning: lift & shift, refactoring, and hybrid solutions Analysis & refinement: licensing, billing, bandwidth, reserved instances, etc. Auditing (quarterly): minimise waste spend by removing redundant resources Observing best-practice cloud cost optimisation strategies to rightsize and maintain a customer’s IT solution can result in significant cloud savings. Table […]

Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Stavros Tsolkanakis




Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Stavros Tsolkanakis

Employee Spotlight Joining our team a few weeks ago, Stavros is an experienced videographer – specialising in Video, Audio and Social Technologies. Originally from Athens, Stavros is a big fan of British culture and music, so much so that his band, Ursula Fair is heavily inspired by British bands such as Joy Division, The Clash […]

How to Find the Best Talent for Your Technology Business


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How to Find the Best Talent for Your Technology Business: 4 Easy Steps

We think it’s only right to refer to the current job market, as it is very different to the one we saw in pre-Covid times. Job vacancies are definitely not in short supply these days with the Office for National Statistics recording 1.1 million vacancies between July and September, the highest level since records began […]

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