Citrix Hosted Desktop

The cloud hosted desktop that keeps your business connected

More businesses are now opting for a cloud desk model

With Citrix Hosted Desktop, it is now easier to keep your files, applications and users all in one place and ensure fluidity within your business. Roll out software and applications in minutes, be data secure with two factor authentication, connect everything with an easy integration process and have us here to support your end users.

With a centralised cloud desktop, your IT department can focus less on infrastructure issues and more on business efficiency.

The benefits of
Citrix Hosted Desktop

Work from anywhere,
anytime and on any device
with a unified desktop
Roll out software and
applications across your
business in minutes, not weeks
Replicate your current
setup and move to the
cloud with ease

The benefits of Citrix Hosted Desktop

14-day backup and latest
updates included as
Antivirus and lockdown
included plus data is secure with two factor authentication

Keep your business connected with Citrix Hosted Desktop

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Don't compromise, choose both flexibility and consistency for your users

We know that to keep up with the demands of your business you need a platform that performs, and Citrix Hosted Desktop offers this. The high availability features ensure that if the controllers should fail, users can directly connect to the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA), creating no interruptions to their day. With your files, applications, and users all in one place you can ensure consistency and efficiency across your business.

Resiliency built in

Simple price per user

Maximise internal resources with a centralised server

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