Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Simply, keeping your business connected

Enable your workforce to make and receive calls on a reliable, high quality phone system with Synextra. With our integration of a virtual Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), your business will have the benefits of modern communications and collaboration features.

With virtual meetings here to stay, we can host Microsoft Teams Meeting Room Systems so you can have the best video and sound quality whilst talking to your colleagues and customers around the world. Likewise, with more businesses adopting a working from home hybrid model, our flexible cloud-based solutions allow your workforce to work from anywhere creating an unbeatable, seamless collaboration for your organisation.

The benefits of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Creates simplicity – only one phone system to manage

Removes the need for a desk phone

Available as a bolt-on for existing Microsoft Teams software

Simple pay structure

Number porting

Enhanced customer experience

High availability and reliability

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