Managed Backup

Allow your IT team to focus on innovation

Benefits of a managed online backup service with Synextra

Synextra has robust capabilities and experience for virtualised and cloud-based deployments that have an enterprise level of backup sophistication way beyond a traditional solution. 

We’ll help you to protect your applications and data no matter what type of multi-cloud deployment you have. One solution managed by professionals who know how best to secure your cloud and all the priceless data it contains. Leaving your in-house team to get on with the job of innovation.

  1. Hosted offsite secondary location to store your data
  2. ISO accredited data centre
  3. Huge availability and data compression reduces storage requirements
  4. Reduced risk of disaster at scale
  5. No risk of hardware vs user issues
  6. No single point of failure
  7. Create retention rules to suit your business and only pay for what you use
  8. Your IT team can focus on inhouse development and innovation

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