Email Filtering

Wipe out email spam and other unwanted emails from your network

With email phishing and malware attack methods becoming more sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to avoid spam emails and stop entry into their system.

Through our hosted service you can rely on the detection engines and high-level threat intelligence to filter and scan emails and prevent users clicking on potentially harmful links.

Block spam email

Prevent viruses and malware attacks

Minimise downtime with less distraction from spam emails

One of the ways we effectively filter emails is through AI phishing detection. Through examining and understanding the context of an email, AI phishing detection can recognise whether it is spam, a phishing attack or a genuine message. Where AI really show its value to businesses is through the way it can understand how users communicate.

Emails that do not contain typical traits of a malicious email are the most damaging to business as users are more likely to be caught out due to the information seemingly legitimate with personal details – this is known as spear phishing. Through learning user’s typical behaviours, AI can identify when an email does not fall in line with those and block the message.

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