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Chris Piggott

The Benefits of Flexible Working for Businesses

We’ve talked previously about how slow internet speeds are costing UK businesses thousands every year in lost productivity. However, even if you already have access to a superfast broadband connection and your employees are given the tools needed to complete tasks effectively, there are other ways you can boost productivity even further. If your team is firing on all cylinders, they’ll produce the best work of their lives. Whether they’re more creative, thinking quicker or just more driven, they’ll be pushing your company further than ever before.

But how do you boost productivity? It doesn’t mean removing all mobile phones or getting rid of the Ping-Pong table. Quite the opposite in fact. By being more flexible. With flexible working, you’ll actually get more out of your employees. In fact, according to a 2013 study by Stanford University, if you let your employees work from home, they could be up to 19% more productive. That’s why one of our clients introduced “Work at home Wednesdays,” to give the team a day without getting up at the crack of dawn or surviving the hour-long commute on the overcrowded bus.

Flexible Working

By enabling flexible working, your employees will be able to organise their working lives to complement their schedules. So whether they need to take a quick break from their work to pick their kids up from school or run an errand, they’ll be able to do so without taking time off. By letting employees manage their work and life balance, they’re likely to be more focussed when they sit down to do work. Also, something important to note: since 2014, government rules around the flexible working state that employees now have the right to request flexible working hours. Employers must also handle these requests in a ‘reasonable manner’, evaluating the possibility of using technology to facilitate employees’ needs.

  • Employees will be 19% more productive, by having a better work/life balance
  • You can save money, by cutting down on electricity and maintenance bills in your office
  • Your company can grow, without having to invest in more office space, computers or other hardware

If you’re wondering how your employees can access important documents, quickly and securely when working from home or out of the office, virtual desktop infrastructure can help.

What is Desktop Virtualisation

Also known as VDI or Hosted Desktop, Desktop Virtualisation allows you to host your office desktop in a secure cloud environment. You can then access this ’virtual desktop’ from anywhere in the world, at any time and on any device. All you need is access to the internet. So, if you’re in a hotel in Hamburg or on the beach in Barbados, you’re always in the loop. Just don’t blame us if you get a call from your boss the next time you’re on holiday.

How does Desktop Virtualisation work?

Well, because all of the computing ‘power’ is done in the cloud, rather than on the device, you no longer have to carry around bulky and expensive equipment. You can now leave your work laptop at, well, work. You can get access to all your important data and processes on your phone or tablet. This is especially beneficial to those who operate from a dedicated workstation, such as an iMac.

In actual fact, you don’t even need a room full of high-powered and very expensive machines. By using the power of desktop virtualisation, you can replace your office or studio with small, power-efficient PCs that have all of the power of their big, clunky predecessors. That means you can save money on the electricity bill. And, if someone accidentally spills their morning coffee all over their PC, you won’t lose any important data or have an expensive bill to pay.

  • Lower desktop expenditure by 35%
  • Save energy, by using ‘thin’ clients
  • Get rid of expensive IT maintenance contracts

So, whether you’re replacing the office or just working out of it, desktop virtualisation is as easy and secure as it gets.

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