Earn recurring monthly revenues without the skyhigh upfront investment or the top tech skill sets required to build high income generating cloud platforms.

Want to make more money selling cloud services and products?

Are you a Citrix reseller? Want to cut out the middleman and sell directly with more control and better profits?

If you are a UK based, PCI-DSS accredited provider supporting ecommerce clients, an elastic cloud will enable you to handle fluctuating demands and high traffic bursts.

We have the perfect opportunity to build your portfolio by offering your clients an infinite range of cloud hosted solutions built on your own bespoke cloud platform without the high upfront investment.

Partner Benefits

Your own dedicated platforms

Grows with your customers

24/7/365 technical support

Marketing & sales support

Whitelabel Partner

As a whitelabel partner, you’ll have access to our enterprise cloud platforms that whitelabel as your own.

Resell our cloud platforms to your customers as your own cloud capacity or use our resilient platforms to build your own value-add services, such as Citrix Hosted Desktops or Application Hosting.

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By using our cloud platforms, you’ll have access to technical and business benefits, such as;

  1. 10Gbps UK network
  2. Multi-DC resiliency
  3. 24/7/365 platform support
  4. Our cloud expertise
  5. Inclusive sales support
  6. Inclusive marketing support

Referral Partner

As a referral partner, all you have to do is refer us to your contacts and we’ll pay you commission for every completed monthly bill.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Register An Opportunity
    Register the opportunity with us to stop other providers from referring it first.
  2. Make an intro
    We’ll create a pre-sales project scope for you pass onto your contact. Then introduce us as your preferred partner and we’ll take things from there.
  3. Receive Commission
    We will sign directly with the customer and you will receive commission for every service they take from Synextra.

Partner-Deployed Solutions

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