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Anywhere 365 Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams
Move your call centre to the cloud

Anywhere365 is a cloud contact centre that natively integrates with Microsoft Teams.

Its ‘Enterprise Dialogue Management’ means you can manage inbound and outbound communications across multiple channels through the cloud, using Teams.

That means you can meet customers where they are – voice, email, chat, socials, WhatsApp, SMS, Teams – and handle their requests with ease.

Running on Azure, Anywhere365 lets your agents do everything they need to within Teams. This means they can talk to customers, access CRM data, record calls, translate in real time, manage the IVR, produce reports, and more.

Features & benefits of
Anywhere 365 Contact Centre
Unified interface within Microsoft Teams

Your users access the same Microsoft Teams client they’re already familiar with, and can use it effectively from any device.

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Makes use of Teams Direct Routing

Take your existing investment in Teams Direct Routing up a notch. Anywhere365 integrates perfectly with TDR, connecting you with the wider phone system via Teams.

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Omni-channel capability

Offer your winning customer service across a range of channels. Voice, email, chat, social media, SMS, and more – manage all interactions in a single platform.

Integration with Azure SQL and Power BI

Integration with these platforms lets you access a full suite of out-of-the-box reports. These analytics tools provide valuable insights into how your contact centre is performing.

Secure call recording storage

Store all call recordings securely and efficiently within SharePoint. This means you’ll have easy access to review them for QA.

CRM integration

Anywhere365 offers deep integration with leading CRM platforms, directly funnelling calls into your CRM system. So you’ll have an up-to-date, consolidated view of customer interactions.

Smart routing capabilities

Anywhere365 uses skills-based and product-based routing, along with machine learning, to route calls where they’re best suited. This reduces customer waiting times and enhances first-contact resolution rates.

API integration

Integrates with your existing APIs, enabling real-time lookups on incoming calls. This allows for more personalised and efficient customer interactions.

Leverage Azure services for call analysis

Make use of Azure services for advanced call analysis, including sentiment analysis. This gives you a deeper understanding of customer interactions and satisfaction so you can serve them better.

Why Anywhere 365?

If you’re regularly on the phone with customers, clients and suppliers, you’ll know it’s not easy to keep track of each conversation. Notes stored on different systems, “unexpectedly high call volumes” – it’s every caller’s nightmare.

No matter how great your hold music is, nobody wants to wait for ten minutes to speak to a customer service agent. And being put on hold again while the agent scrambles to look up their case files should be something of the past.

To solve this kind of problem, Anywhere 365 is a blessing. It’s a unified comms platform that simplifies your contact centre operations through the cloud.

Instead of rolling out yet another software system your employees need training on, Anywhere 365 runs within the familiar Teams interface, so it’s a breeze to get everyone on board.

While it works with a host of CRMs, it’ll slot right in with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the combined CRM and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Through the power of the cloud, this enables you to unify your data, communications and business processes like never before. And when hosted on Microsoft Azure, you’ll get the best security and performance for it all.

Why Synextra?

We know how important it is to resolve a customer query first-time (That’s what we aim for in our own 24/7 support service). And we know it’s important for both you and your customer experience.

So we can’t recommend Anywhere 365 enough for talkative organisations adapting to the needs of modern business. If you want to serve customers to the best of your abilities, you need the tech to support that. And that’s what we aim to provide.

With our mix of interpersonal verve and technical craft you’ll get the best possible setup and service – for a sensible price. Our Anywhere 365 setup enables efficient and productive conversations between your customers and your company.

Frequently Asked Questions
What functionality does the Anywhere 365 contact centre solution offer?

Anywhere 365 offers a bunch of features including omni-channel capability, secure call recording storage, CRM integration, smart routing capabilities, and API integration. It’ll provide streamlined customer service interactions across multiple communication channels like voice, email, chat, social media, and SMS.

Is Anywhere 365 a cloud-based system?

Absolutely, Anywhere 365 is a cloud contact centre solution. It runs on the powerful Microsoft Azure platform, enabling strong performance and flexibility.

Does Anywhere 365 integrate with Salesforce and ServiceNow?

Yep, Anywhere 365 offers deep integration with the big CRM platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow. This means your incoming calls get directly funnelled into your CRM system, so you see all your customer interactions alongside your customer records.

How does Anywhere 365 handle multiple communications channels?

Anywhere 365’s Enterprise Dialogue Management allows you to manage inbound and outbound communications across multiple channels, including voice, email, chat, socials, WhatsApp, SMS, and Teams conversations, all from a unified interface within Microsoft Teams.

What are wallboards in the context of Anywhere 365?

Wallboards are typically large screens displaying real-time information about your contact centre’s performance. Anywhere 365’s integration with Power BI and Azure SQL provides business intelligence insights that can help manage and improve your contact centre’s operations.

Can Anywhere 365 support the use of chatbots?

Yes, the integration of APIs enables the use of chatbots in Anywhere 365. This means you can have personalised and efficient customer interactions at scale.

How does Anywhere 365 contribute to unified communications?

Anywhere 365 is a unified comms platform that simplifies contact centre operations by integrating with Microsoft Teams. It offers a single platform for managing all interactions, regardless of the communication channel used. It basically joins everything together and makes it work.

What business intelligence tools does Anywhere 365 integrate with?

Anywhere 365 integrates with Azure SQL and Power BI. These flexible tools provide a full suite of out-of-the-box reports, giving you valuable insights into how your contact centre is performing.

What is a PSTN in relation to Anywhere 365?

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. Anywhere 365 integrates perfectly with Teams Direct Routing (TDR), connecting you with the PSTN via Teams.

What is CCaaS and how is Anywhere 365 related to it?

CCaaS stands for Contact Centre as a Service, a cloud-based customer experience solution. Anywhere 365 is a CCaaS solution as it’s a contact centre in the cloud that natively integrates with Microsoft Teams.

Can I use Anywhere 365 with an on-premises setup?

While Anywhere 365 is primarily a cloud-based solution, it can also connect to an on-premise system. However, to get the full benefits of Anywhere 365, we recommend using it in a cloud environment.

Why is Anywhere 365 an ideal Microsoft Teams contact centre solution?

Anywhere 365 is an ideal Microsoft Teams contact centre solution because it natively integrates with Teams, allowing agents to manage all customer interactions within an interface they’re familiar with. This leads to increased productivity and a more streamlined approach to customer service.

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