Cloud Connect
Fast, secure cloud

Cloud Connect makes Azure an extension of your office network.

Ever wished your cloud access was as secure and rapid as your on-site connections? With Cloud Connect, this is exactly what you get.

As a private connection linking your infrastructure to your cloud environment – an Azure ‘express route’ – Cloud Connect bypasses the public internet to deliver unparalleled security and speed.

The advantages of Cloud Connect
Private and secure

With Cloud Connect, your data doesn’t go through the public internet, keeping it safe from potential security and privacy breaches.

Guaranteed uptime

A connection you can rely on. We have a service level agreement (SLA) for uptime, so you get consistent, uninterrupted access to your cloud resources.

Lower latency

Cloud Connect’s private connection means lower latency: faster data transmission, more responsive apps and no lag on your Teams calls.

Fast and capable connection

This strong, high-bandwidth connection means your work won’t be limited by poor speeds or intermittent service.

Why Synextra?

At Synextra, we know it’s essential to have a reliable, secure, and fast cloud connection. We get just as annoyed at loading screens as you do. And fuzzy, stop-start Teams calls? We’re not having that.

Designed for seamless integration, our Cloud Connect solution paves the way for a private connection to your cloud environment that feels like it’s on-site. It’s all about providing you with the peace of mind you need, knowing that your data is secure and your infrastructure is stable.

But beyond the service, it’s our people that make the difference. With a friendly, knowledgeable team equipped with extensive cloud expertise, we’re here to help, guide, and support you every step of the way.

How Cloud Connect works
A cloud connect service works by establishing a dedicated, secure connection between your private network and your cloud service providers (CSPs) – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and so on.
It works as a direct connect service, meaning it offers a low latency, high-performance connection that bypasses the public internet. This means you get a better user experience: real-time responsiveness of apps and network services, blazing-fast data transfer, and so on.
This kind of direct access goes from your on-premises data centre to the cloud platform’s data centre, creating a point-to-point connection. If you’re running multiple cloud computing environments, an SD-WAN (software-defined networking in a wide area network) can be a great way to make and manage a multi-cloud setup.
The connection between your infrastructure and the cloud platform is set up through gateways, which act as on-ramps to your chosen cloud platforms. These gateways enable ethernet connectivity that is scalable to your business needs. This scalability allows you to efficiently manage your network’s capacity, ensuring it aligns with your current data demands.
Cloud Connect also supports multi-cloud setups, where you can interconnect with different cloud providers.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does Cloud Connect improve latency?

Cloud Connect improves latency by providing a direct connect service to your cloud platforms, bypassing the public internet. Your data doesn’t need to bounce around the web through multiple connections. So you get faster data transmission and a more responsive end user experience.

Is Cloud Connect a cost-effective solution?

Yes, Cloud Connect is usually a cost-effective way of hooking up your cloud infrastructure. With a dedicated connection to your cloud platforms, you bypass the need for expensive VPN services. You’ll also help avoid the costs incurred from security breaches and lost productivity due to poor connections. It also offers the scalability you need to grow alongside your business.

How secure is Cloud Connect?

It’s a more secure connection than using the public internet. As a private network connection between your infrastructure and your cloud platforms, it’s significantly less vulnerable to data breaches and other attacks.

Can Cloud Connect handle high-performance tasks?

Absolutely, it’s designed for high-performance requirements. Its low latency and dedicated connection ensure fast data transmission and real-time responsiveness of applications. It’s a much better user experience.

How does Cloud Connect affect SaaS programmes?

Cloud Connect’s secure and high-speed connections mean your Software as a Service (SaaS) programs run smoothly and quickly. Users will enjoy low latency, high bandwidth, and secure connectivity for Slack, Google Suite, Microsoft 365 apps, and others.

How does Cloud Connect work with public and private cloud environments?

Cloud Connect offers secure and fast connectivity to both public and private cloud environments. With public clouds, Cloud Connect provides a direct, dedicated connection to the services, bypassing the public internet, for great security and performance. In the case of private clouds, Cloud Connect acts as an extension of your on-premise network, creating a secure, low latency connection between your data centre and your cloud platform.

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