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Launchpad is our Azure migration assessment service. With this fixed-price evaluation, we’ll:

  • Map out your current IT workloads.
  • Design your ideal Azure implementation.
  • Help define your business case for making the move.

You don’t always know which of your applications will actually benefit from moving to the cloud. And figuring out the costs yourself – both one-off and ongoing – can be intimidating.

That’s why we introduced Launchpad – to give you the clarity and vision you need for a smooth and successful Azure migration.

Launchpad Assessment
Comprehensive Azure design blueprint

Receive a thorough, meticulously-crafted Azure design, inclusive of specific VM sizes to best suit your needs.

Detailed workload review

Get a complete assessment of all database/app workloads to identify potential candidates for PaaS transition.

Optimal sizing analysis

Benefit from a dedicated investigation into right-sizing, which makes for a seamless transition and efficient resource use.

Transparent costing

Gain a clear understanding of both one-off migration costs and the ongoing expenses of running your workload in Azure, helping you make wise budgeting decisions.

How a

Kicking off a Launchpad project, we’ll deploy migration software for 7-10 working days to capture current usage. This will allow us to identify the right-sized machines for your planned workload.

During the planning phase, we’ll map out the dependencies between your systems to see how to avoid disruption during your migration.

Afterwards, you’ll come out of the process with a detailed plan. You’ll have a layout of the cloud infrastructure that’ll best suit your organisation, along with an accurate estimate of what your consumption costs might be.

You’ll soon be on your way to a smart, secure and productive cloud experience. You’ll be ready to launch your Azure journey. (And when it’s time for the implementation, we’ll be ready to assist.)

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Azure Launchpad?

Azure Launchpad is a fixed-price migration assessment service designed to map, configure, and launch your business onto the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It’s a tailored plan preparing you for a comprehensive move to Azure, ensuring your transition aligns with your business goals.

How does the Launchpad Assessment prepare my company for Azure?

Our assessment provides a hands-on approach to understanding your current IT workloads. We configure a strategic plan that includes an Azure design blueprint and optimal sizing analysis for your virtual network, ensuring a seamless integration with Azure services such as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Kubernetes.

Is the Launchpad Assessment suitable for companies with existing cloud infrastructure, like AWS?

Absolutely. Whether you’re new to cloud computing or looking to enhance your current cloud setup, our Azure Launchpad assessment can help. We can troubleshoot your existing configurations, and provide a comprehensive migration strategy to Microsoft Azure.

How does Azure Launchpad ensure my Azure subscription is efficiently managed?

Azure Launchpad employs the best practices of Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), including the setup of management groups and access control. It also ensures that your cloud platform adheres to governance policies.

Does Azure Launchpad offer support for Kubernetes and containerisation within Azure?

The service includes a detailed workload review that assesses your readiness for Kubernetes and other Azure services, offering guidance on how to best leverage these technologies for your business within your Azure subscription.

What post-assessment support does Azure Launchpad provide?

Post-assessment, you’ll receive a detailed implementation plan. If you require further assistance, we’re equipped to guide you through the next steps, from establishing your Azure landing zone to fine-tuning your cloud config for optimal performance.

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