Managed IT Operations
Give your IT department
an upgrade
IT management can sometimes feel like herding cats

Constantly patching systems, balancing maintenance with innovation, and integrating new tech can really stretch your service desk to its limits.

That’s why our Managed IT Services exist; our focus is on supporting your IT team, not your end-users. We have decades of experience in managing enterprise infrastructure, and we’re here to support you 24/7.

With a mix of AI-driven monitoring and human oversight, we don’t just watch over your IT systems; we provide actionable insights, delivering tailored recommendations straight to your inbox in our regular reports. With our wide range of technical competencies, we can support Windows Server, SQL, Active Directory and more.

With our Managed IT Operations, your in-house team will have the backup they need to
conquer any information technology challenge.

The benefits of
Synextra Managed IT Services
Vast technical expertise at your fingertips

Gain immediate access to an extensive pool of IT support services and expertise, ready to tackle a plethora of challenges head-on.

Extensive range of services

Our commitment means offering a wide array of services in the standard package, so your IT infrastructure can thrive.

Free up your team

Collaborating with us allows your internal staff to focus on the kind of strategic work that truly matters to your business needs.

You’re in control

We may be your IT sidekick, but you’re still the boss. We’ve got your back while you call the shots and maintain full control over your infrastructure.

Transparent and predictable costs

Our clear-cut monthly pricing (per VM or per host) banishes billing surprises, bringing predictability to your financial planning.

Why Synextra?

In businesses that are constantly serving customers and creating new things, who has the time to build and maintain an efficient IT network? We do – and it’s something we love doing.
By joining forces with Synextra, you’ll gain access to an elite team of on-demand IT professionals. Our service offering lets your internal team focus on world domination – or maybe just growing the business. Whether that means building automation processes, migrating to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platforms, or rolling out a new productivity app, we’ll be there to do it all.
When you choose Synextra as your managed IT service provider, you’re not getting an average IT outsourcing MSP. You’re partnering with a bunch of passionate professionals who genuinely care about your success.
With our hawk-eyed remote monitoring and management, backed by solid SLAs (service level agreements), your IT systems will be in safe hands.

An enterprise-standard flexible support experience
Proactive cybersecurity

When it comes to your IT security, we leave nothing to chance. As a security-first IT consultancy, we’re dedicated to shielding your most critical assets – your data and your customers – from potential breaches. Continuously analysing your alerts and configurations against best practice benchmarks, our managed security services safeguard your operations and proactively offer recommendations to bolster your defences.

Rigorous change management

Any major changes require your approval before implementation, in order to keep things safe. This significantly lowers the risk of downtime and maintains the integrity of your IT environment.

Specialists in everything cloud

If we’re talking cloud management, you’ve come to the right place. As connoisseurs of cloud computing, we excel in delivering cost-effective, high-performance cloud services. Whether it’s Microsoft Azure, AWS, or a hybrid cloud setup, our cloud solutions are designed to serve your IT needs and bring you to the best of digital transformation. Our cloud expertise has been refined through delivering a wealth of IT solutions that boost business connectivity and the customer experience.

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