Managed Private Cloud
Your very own exclusive,
secure cloud
Your dedicated cloud environment

Managed private cloud offers an exclusive infrastructure for your organisation’s VMs, applications, and data. With a dedicated resource capacity, strong security measures, and an expert team ready to respond to your needs, we take the heavy lifting out of managing your cloud infrastructure.

The benefits of private cloud
Exclusive infrastructure

Your Managed Private Cloud is just that – yours. Enjoy a private infrastructure wholly dedicated to your company, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable service.

Managed patching

With managed patching, we help ensure your compliance in a timely, secure way.

Increased security

With security tailored around your specific needs, enjoy peace of mind knowing your private cloud is well-protected.

Stable resource capacity

With dedicated resources just for your company, you can expect stable and guaranteed performance. Say goodbye to shared resources and hello to predictable, reliable operations.

24/7 support

Day or night, we’re here to support you. For critical issues, you can count on immediate access to our professional support team.

24/7 monitoring

Manage your private cloud with round-the-clock monitoring. This allows us to act quickly and effectively in the face of any arising issues.

Access to cloud experts

Our team isn’t just any team. With access to cloud experts, rest assured you’re in knowledgeable and capable hands.

Why Synextra?

At Synextra, we don’t just offer a service – we offer a partnership. Our Managed Private Cloud service is about providing you with reliable, robust, and tailored systems that get your business moving. We know that every organisation is unique, so we build in a way that aligns with your unique plans for growth.

With our 24/7 monitoring and support, we’re always at your side, ready to act proactively to keep your infrastructure ticking. In an era where every business function is connected, we’ll make sure your private cloud setup is seamless, secure, and successful.

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