Why Synextra?
We do the right thing, even when
no-one’s watching

More than just a great MSP, we’re a boutique team of Azure specialists. And we do much more than just simple cloud migrations. Here are 10 reasons why we’re different from the rest.

Regulated business expertise

Data protection laws, security protocols, and corporate culture. They’re all challenges to overcome with clients in tightly-regulated industries. With increasing amounts of data being produced (and increasing costs of falling foul of the rules), nobody wants to get this part wrong.

Luckily, our CVs basically read “been there, done that”. We’re familiar with the complexities and nuances of working in industries that need things done by the book. We’re well-versed with the strategies you need to deal with regulatory compliance.

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Foundation-first philosophy

We know the importance of getting the basics right; it’s the bedrock for crafting secure, reliable environments. While these are baseline expectations, we know how crucial it is to get them absolutely perfect.

Some providers make a lot of noise about getting the basics right; regular backups, minimal system downtime, and so on. We think these are so important they’re not worth advertising – they should be done to perfection, as standard.

Elite operators

Disciplined, effective, and the very best in class. Like a squad of Navy SEALS, we take on seemingly impossible missions and thrive against the odds.

Our team has a much higher density of amazing specialists than our competitors. In fact, many of our rivals’ elite performers choose to join us.

Boutique in nature, significant in impact: you don’t need a huge corporate department to achieve great results.

Empowering the underdogs

With that extraordinary firepower, we’re able to equip our customers with the tools and strategies to take on the industry giants.

The power of the cloud can give you tremendous leverage. We’ll help you harness that into outsized results, no matter what size your organisation.

David Vs. Goliath situations don’t intimidate us. With Synextra by your side, it doesn’t just become a fair fight; it’ll be your chance to come out on top.

On-demand expertise, with direct access

We hire and attract only the best seasoned talent from a diverse range of sectors – ensuring you’re always working with the best minds. The entire team is at the level of technical leadership, consultant or architect, and they’re just a phone call away.

With Synextra, you get direct access to on-demand expertise. Why seek multiple consultants when you can have instant access to multidisciplinary expertise under one roof? Rather than sticking junior grads on front-line support, we deploy highly experienced cloud experts that won’t need to Google every solution.

They’re not just our employees; they’re catalysts for your success. With a penchant for innovation, our technically creative staff are the backbone of our promise to enable game-changers like you.

Outcome over output

Our commitment isn’t just to “Get Shit Done” but to drive real results. We don’t just complete tasks; we achieve outcomes.

At Synextra, we’re committed to understanding your broader technology vision, ensuring every project we work on propels you forward to success. Whether it’s a massive project or a small fix, it all contributes to achieving what you initially set out to do.

Trust and integrity

We uphold the principle of doing the right thing, even when no one’s watching. This means there’s clarity and honesty in all that we do, even if it isn’t the most profitable route for us to take.

All our work goes through the philosophy of “show me, tell me, convince me”. That means we can show you that we’ve completed a task, and tell you the technical details.

But we’ll also convince you that your specific situation is deeply understood and catered for by the Synextra team.

Selective for success

We choose our clients as carefully as we choose our team. If we’re working with you, it’s because we genuinely believe we can make a transformative difference in your business.

We’re happy to pass on opportunities that aren’t right, sending potential partners elsewhere to find their perfect match. There’s no point compromising our ideals for short-term gain – we prefer to serve everyone’s long-term interests.


What really fires us up is lighting a spark in our clients’ businesses. Rather than just solving problems, we strive to ignite possibilities and inspire your endeavours.

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Technically proficient, strategically savvy

As a business we’re technically led, but strategically focused. Our team members have plenty of experience navigating corporate organisational structures and making decisions for the bigger picture.

We like to challenge the status quo as well as our customers. If you want a server built, for example, we’re interested in the ‘why’ behind it – will it help achieve the right business result? You’re in the driving seat, but we’re the GPS leading you to success.

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If you want to know which cloud is right for you, the team at Synextra can help you choose a fast, ultra-secure cloud environment that delivers you a competitive advantage.

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