Azure Cost Optimisation
Bring cloud costs down while improving performance

While the cloud opens up a whole new world of productivity and innovation, things can soon spiral out of control if you don’t carefully manage it.


Moving to the cloud is great for avoiding up-front expenditure. Instead, you scale up as you go and only pay for what you need. But it’s not always in the best interest of the cloud platforms to get you a good deal.


That’s why customers rely on us for Azure cost management.


We consider your entire Azure design and usage profile, and find opportunities to get the most out of your funds.

The benefits of optimising your Azure spend with Synextra
Return on investment (ROI) analysis

We consider the ROI of potential changes compared to the time investment needed. So a change might require ten days of work but by the twelfth month, it will have paid for itself.

Control over cloud sprawl

Control the sprawl that can occur over time with cloud services. We help you manage and streamline your resources effectively.

Optimise your current spending

Get more out of your existing spend or even reduce it. We work to ensure you’re gaining maximum value from your investment.

Resource consolidation

Consolidate your resources where possible, reducing redundancies and optimising overall performance.

Emphasis on Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We advocate for making more use of Platform As A Service (PaaS) services, known for their ability to lower operating costs and simplify resource management.

Better cost management practices

You’ll learn to bring in better cost management practices. You can make smarter decisions about your spend through forecasting, monitoring, and understanding billing.

Wiser than Azure Advisor

We do Azure cost management better than Microsoft’s own built-in tool. And we don’t have an incentive to make you spend more than you need.

Negotiate discounts

We understand the different billing models and work to get you the best deals without compromising on performance.

Why Synextra?

Managing your Azure spend is all about effective resource utilisation and planning ahead smartly – something we endeavour to do with every client.

And while we’re big fans of Azure, recognising its amazing potential, we also know it can get expensive when you pay for things you don’t need. You don’t want to wade through hundreds of pages of cloud bills each month, looking for a chance to cut costs – especially when you’re focused on serving your end users.

With Synextra by your side, you’ll have an expert Azure cost optimisation partner ready to help bring that spending down, month after month.

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