Managed SD-WAN
For a scalable andreliable network

Every modern business needs a scalable, affordable, and robust network to do their best work on.

The Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a revolutionary approach to networking that gives you exactly that.

SD-WAN moves beyond the confines of traditional WANs, which rely on expensive, inflexible systems like MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching). Instead, it employs software to manage your network, offering the freedom to use diverse, cost-effective connections without sacrificing performance or security.

As your organisation expands and adopts more cloud-based tools, you’ll need ever more high-bandwidth, low-latency connections. SD-WAN savours this challenge, providing secure, efficient, and smooth connectivity tailored to your dynamic needs.

The features you’ll enjoy
with SD-WAN

With SD-WAN, you can connect using any tail circuit (broadband, fibre-optic, or even 4G/5G connections), making it a highly adaptable networking solution.

Rapid deployment

SD-WAN allows for the swift setup of new sites and offers the convenience of using temporary connections. This means your network can expand as quickly as your business.

Optimised bandwidth

When installing dual connections for redundancy, SD-WAN allows for the bonding of both bandwidths, so you’ll have maximised data transfer rates.

Centralised control

SD-WAN offers a central control hub for all sites, making it simpler to manage the network from one place.

Strong security

With end-to-end encryption, SD-WAN ensures the strongest possible security for your network data.

Cost savings

SD-WAN enables you to use affordable internet connections instead of expensive MPLS circuits, significantly reducing your costs.

better cost management practices
Performance enhancement

With SD-WAN’s capacity for faster access to cloud services and dynamic switching between connections, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in network performance.

Why choose Synextra for your SD-WAN?

Synextra offers end-to-end SD-WAN solutions, designed to streamline and fortify your network. We take care of the entire process, from design and deployment to operation, using the best technology in the industry.

By partnering with Synextra, you’ll enjoy round-the-clock support, comprehensive monitoring, and detailed reporting services. We’ll automate the complexities of managing multiple connections across various locations, so your IT department won’t have to spend their time firefighting connection issues. 

Choose Synextra as your cloud service partner and you’ll tap into all the benefits SD-WAN can bring.


next-generation network connectivity

Routing that’s smarter, automation that’s sleeker, and a user experience that’s simply second to none. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not – that’s what you get with managed SD-WAN services.

SD-WAN technology is all about leveraging the power of software-defined networking (SDN) in a wide area network (WAN). It offers an intelligent way to manage your network infrastructure, enabling high-performance connectivity to branch offices, data centres, and even the public cloud.

And the role of SD-WAN around the world is growing, too: the market is expected to grow annually by 30% per year over the next decade, possibly becoming a $30bn industry.

But a managed SD-WAN solution takes this to a whole new level. Working with a strong Managed Service Provider (MSP) for this means they won’t just be a vendor; they’ll be a partner in your digital transformation journey.

With Synextra’s Managed SD-WAN, you’ll get the very best service delivery when it comes to network security, from firewall services to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust architectures. Plus, it optimises application performance in real-time and ensures your SLAs (Service-Level Agreements) are hit every time.

It’s not just about improving your network, it’s about revolutionising the way you do business. From seamless SaaS performance to efficient IoT integration, Managed SD-WAN can supercharge every aspect of your network, all while keeping pricing transparent and competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is an innovative approach to network connectivity that enhances the flexibility and scalability of networks. It works as a virtualised overlay on top of multiple connections, and is particularly beneficial for multi-cloud, data centre, and branch office connections. It leverages software-defined networking along with physical or virtual gateways to deliver superior application performance and a great end-user experience.

How is SD-WAN as a service different from managed SD-WAN?

While SD-WAN as a service provides businesses with the technology needed to establish and manage their SD-WAN network, managed SD-WAN goes a step further. Managed SD-WAN services is when a Managed Service Provider (MSP) doesn’t just offer the SD-WAN technology but also handles the implementation, management, and optimisation of the SD-WAN deployment. They can either do it entirely for you, it can be co-managed alongside you.

What are the benefits of Managed SD-WAN?

Managed SD-WAN services bring several advantages including enhanced network security, improved application performance, simplified network management, and cost savings. Managed SD-WAN providers are sometimes used as in place of expensive VPNs. These managed network services also come with expert support included, so you can be sure your network infrastructure stays optimised and secure.

How does Managed SD-WAN improve network security?

Managed SD-WAN offers robust security features including next-generation firewalls, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust security models. So you end up with all the tools necessary to protect your network infrastructure from cyber threats.

How does Managed SD-WAN enhance application performance?

Through real-time traffic orchestration and intelligent routing, Managed SD-WAN makes your apps run super smoothly with minimal latency. Routing traffic smartly means more uptime and a smoother user experience across all your programs.

What is the cost of Managed SD-WAN services?

The pricing of Managed SD-WAN services can vary based on several factors including your specific requirements, the size of your network, and the level of support you need. Most MSPs offer flexible pricing models to accommodate a variety of needs.

Can Managed SD-WAN services support multi-cloud environments?

Yes, Managed SD-WAN is an excellent fit for multi-cloud environments. It can support multi-cloud connectivity by enabling seamless WAN connectivity from users to private cloud, IaaS, and SaaS platforms based on defined business policies, with proactive traffic steering and prioritisation.

Which companies offer Managed SD-WAN services?

There are many providers of Managed SD-WAN services, including tech giants like Cisco, Microsoft, and Versa Networks, as well as numerous specialised MSPs like Synextra. Your choice will depend on your specific use case and the service offerings available.

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