Zerto Disaster Recovery

Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Protection against cyber attacks is a top priority for all businesses. If the worst should happen, retrieve data and recover quickly with Zerto. Easily power up from one of our UK data centres, restoring files and applications from server replications to within a second.

The benefits of
Zerto Disaster Recovery

Access to expert
support 24/7
Our managed service
means your DR strategy is
always ready for action

The benefits of
Zerto Disaster Recovery

Service inclusive
of annual tests
Improved business continuity,
no single point of failure

How does it work?

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How does it work?

With server replication every 15 seconds to our UK data centres, you can be back up and running in a matter of minutes and reduce the impact to your business if the worst should happen.

Through the continuous capturing of written blocks, restoring from any point in time is possible. This gives you peace of mind that you are protected from losing access to critical applications and data.

Remove further costs and the burden of managing your own disaster recovery data centre with the flexibility to pay for what you use. We can also remove the requirement for dedicated recover office space.

As well as a highly effective way to recover from ransomware, there are other advantages to implementing Zerto DRaaS. With the option to build in sandbox networks, it allows for testing and development of new applications, the carrying out of patch management and the running of security scans. All without affecting your user’s productivity. Test your entire infrastructure in an isolated bubble, in just a few steps.

Adhere to compliance requirements, such as GDPR and HIPAA regulations, with a service you can rely on to protect your business due to its resilient infrastructure.

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Why choose Synextra and Zerto DRaaS?

Synextra provides a fully managed DRaaS using Zerto Virtual Replication so that your data is protected against loss. Thanks to live replication, we can be ready to restore your data from within our enterprise cloud should the worst happen.

Reduce cost and complexity

Continuous data protection

Complete disaster recovery

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