Managed IT Operations

Extend your in-house expertise around the clock

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We’re here as an extension of your IT department

Our focus is your IT team and supporting them, not end-users. We are experts in managing enterprise infrastructure and include our 24/7 support as standard in every solution. Using AI enhanced monitoring, we analyse your platform performance and make recommendations in our monthly report to you. With our broad technical skill set, we can support Windows Server, SQL, Active Directory and more.

The benefits of
Synextra Managed IT Operations

Easy access to a broad technical skillset
We support a wide range of services as standard
Working with a partner allows your internal team to focus on what matters

The benefits of
Synextra Managed IT Operations

You retain complete control of your infrastructure
A predictable monthly cost per VM or per host

How can Managed IT Operations benefit your business?

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Our expertise sets us apart

It’s a partnership. The team at Synextra will ensure that your IT services remain available, secure and efficient night or day, 365 days of the year, leaving your in-house IT team free to focus on innovation and growth.
We have the knowledge and skills to make sure that your IT keeps pace with your business ambitions.

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Truly 24/7

We’re watching the network, so you don’t have to. In the last twelve months we have…

Received 5895 alerts out of

Intercepted 99.73% of
these alerts within 10

Saved our customers
hundreds of hours of
lost productivity

An enterprise-standard flexible support experience

An enterprise-standard flexible support experience

Baked-in security
Our experience in compliance and securing IT assets means security is at the forefront of our decision making every time we work with you. We continually review your alerts, setup and requests to ensure they meet best practice guidelines, offering recommendations for improvement where appropriate.

Change control
We review all changes internally and send them for your approval. This minimises risks and reduces the chance of downtime.

Add on 24/7 managed security
With our fully managed offering of in depth security monitoring and alerting, reduce the risk of a breach compromising your most valuable assets - your customers.

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