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Managed Azure is the solution for you

Making the most of Azure’s mighty potential requires a unique skillset. And as almost everything in modern business becomes ‘cloud-first’, it can be quite the task.

Does managing a growing digital estate feel like spinning plates? Are you looking for a seamless integration between your legacy infrastructure and cloud-based systems?

Managed Azure is the solution for you.

This service will make things much easier on your IT staff, and open up brand new possibilities for cloud-powered business. It offers comprehensive, 24×7 support of your entire Azure architecture, no matter what service you have deployed.

But this isn’t just a support service. It’s a way to get the very best out of Azure’s awesome potential.

Azure management features
24/7 support

Full-time support of all Azure architecture, so you never have to worry about downtime.

Proactive monitoring

Using Logic Monitor, we actively monitor all resources for optimal performance.

Enables you to do more

Our service isn’t just about maintenance; it’s about empowering you to make the most of Azure.

Access to expertise

Lean on our wealth of experience in Azure and legacy infrastructures for a seamless cloud transition.

Feel-good IT

We’re here to make your IT staff feel good about the cloud, with the confidence that their work environment is in safe hands.

Best practice approach

We follow Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, ensuring your cloud journey is aligned with MS’ very own best practice guidance.

Core focus areas
24/7 support & proactive monitoring

Our management services give you 24/7 access to support, alongside round-the-clock monitoring of your Azure resources with proactive responses to alarms. Full ITSM access includes incident, problem, and change management, all made possible by an aligned account manager or technical account manager. You’ll benefit from a broad scope of expertise via GreyMatter, and it’s securely managed through Azure Lighthouse.

Maximise efficiency & best practice

Your assigned Technical Account Manager will act as your Azure architect, conducting quarterly reviews of best practice. Regular product updates are inspected for potential enhancements to your setup, and budgets are configured to manage and report on spend. Additionally, you’ll have access to real-time cost management dashboards, and we’ll help you integrate best practice into existing infrastructure (using data from Application Insights and other sources).

Human and automated for maximum reliability

This is about making things work as they should. We deploy best practice permissions, management groups, and Privileged Identity Management (PIM) to protect your workload. Azure policies automate controls, including DNS, backups, resource locations, naming conventions, etc. We also implement change tracking for key resources and deploy resource locks across your estate for added security and control. All this, and more – done for you.

Backup monitoring & Disaster Recovery management

We secure all backup vaults with locks, immutability, soft delete, and multi-user authentication. Protection includes daily monitoring and reporting on all backups, assessing workload availability, and providing improvement recommendations. You can expect daily monitoring of all site recovery services and assistance with disaster recovery tests. We even offer an optional second tenant for all Azure backup services.

Keeping your Azure estate safe and sound

We provide monthly automatic patching of all VM infrastructure and make sure best practices are followed in all aspects of security. We deploy Defender for Cloud for all resources and initiate agentless vulnerability scanning. We’ll also manage defender configuration via Intune, and conduct quarterly reviews of the recommendations & alerts coming from your Defender for Cloud. All this combines for a rock-solid Azure security foundation.

Upgraded security services & proactive alert reviews

Building on our Secure tier, the Secure+ option adds a further set of features to your security arsenal. With Azure Sentinel, we capture all logs from Defender for Cloud and correlate security events across all aspects of your Azure tenancy. Security alerts are reviewed proactively within 30 minutes, and vulnerability scanning is expanded to all external web applications. We also manage vulnerabilities across your Azure estate with inclusive time for remediation. And if you want to take things further, this paves the way for an easy progression to a full SOC service (Security Operations Centre) in the future.

Exploring your technology options for the future

We act as champions for DevOps & automating processes to bring improved tech to your business where appropriate. We generally promote the use of PaaS services in new greenfield opportunities to greatly improve your business capabilities. We’ll make use of automation via Lighthouse to streamline your environment and implement ‘infrastructure as code’ using Terraform. Finally, we’ll also explore new AI technologies with you and provide regular educational content across our YouTube channel and other platforms.

Why Synextra?

At Synextra, we know that moving to Azure is not just about adopting new technology; it’s about transforming the way you operate. We’ve probably already done the things you’re looking to do, and with our internal tooling and team of experts, we can help you achieve your technology goals – and more.

Our Azure Management Service offers high value because doing this right means investing in premium service. You get access to our unique intellectual property and a guarantee of superior service. This isn’t something you can easily replicate in-house.

We’re not just focused on the here and now; we’re also looking ahead. Our aim is to help you stay ahead of the curve and make the most of Azure, keeping you in sync with all the latest tech to power your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are Azure Managed Services?

Azure Managed Services are professional services that handle the end-to-end management of your Microsoft Azure environment. This can include Azure migration and setup, handling workloads, cloud infrastructure, cyber security, disaster recovery, and optimisation among other aspects of the Azure cloud platform. It’s something you might make use of to streamline your IT operations and take away the burden of running the Azure platform for your business.

What’s a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

An MSP is a company (like Synextra!) that manages a customer’s IT services for them. They often offer a range of services, including network, application, infrastructure, and security. They’ll enable businesses to reduce their IT costs and improve scalability.

In the context of Azure cloud environments, MSPs help companies move to the Azure cloud and then manage their infrastructure from that point. The MSP takes care of the technical work so businesses can focus their resources on their core work.

How does Synextra help with cloud migration?

Cloud migration is one of the most important things a world-class Azure expert MSP can do; getting companies off their legacy hardware and onto the cloud.

At Synextra, we plan and execute migrations big and small, moving your data, apps, SaaS connections and services to your shiny new Azure infrastructure. We strive to make this important part of your cloud lifecycle as seamless and stress-free as possible, so you’ll be up and running again with minimal downtime.

What does cloud optimisation involve?

Cloud optimisation is all about configuring your cloud platform and resources for maximum efficiency, scalability, and cost management.

A good cloud computing MSP will provide a balanced Azure environment that has all the performance your business needs, while maintaining strong cost savings. This might include scaling up or down the number of virtual machines you’re running depending on usage. Or it could involve setting permissions and policies to make things run as lean as possible.

How is cloud security managed?

Cloud security is an essential part of Microsoft Azure managed services. The best MSPs will make sure your environment is secure by managing identity and access management, configuring firewalls, and deploying malware protection. They’ll also provide the latest security patches for your devices, as well as offering real-time monitoring to identify any threats quickly. Planning and preparing for disaster recovery is also a key part of any cloud security setup.

With Synextra’s Secure+ tier, we integrate Azure Sentinel for top-notch log capturing and event correlation. We proactively review security alerts in just 30 minutes, without overloading you with alerts. We also scan all external web apps for vulnerabilities, and manage them effectively within an included time frame. There’ll also be a clear path towards a future SOC if you’re considering it. So you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’ve got your Azure estate covered on all things security.

Can you support a hybrid cloud setup?

Absolutely! Whether your setup involves only Azure resources on the public cloud, or is a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud (a mix of on-premises and cloud), we can support you.

What’s the cost of Azure Managed Services?

Pricing for cloud managed services is almost always bespoke, as it depends on the size of your existing infrastructure, the scope of your desired setup, and other variable factors. It’s best to get in touch to find out what your estimated costs might be.

How does Azure support DevOps and automation?

DevOps can be a complicated affair. With so many moving parts and people to keep in the loop, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But thankfully, Azure has plenty of tools for automating the tricky stuff. From Power Automate (formerly Flow) to Logic Apps and Pipelines to automated deployments and release notes, Azure gives you access to an arsenal of helpful workflow boosts.

What kind of industries use Microsoft Azure Cloud?

There’s a wide range of industries that use Azure; healthcare, energy, retail, manufacturing, retail, professional services, and more. Whether they’re sectors dealing with big data, web applications, or any kind of digital transformation, they can all benefit from massive productivity gains and creative workflow enhancements. At Synextra, we custom-build each of our cloud solutions to meet our clients’ industry-specific needs.

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