10 Hidden Costs of On-Premise IT You Need To Know About
By : Synextra

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IT continues to evolve at a tremendous pace. Computers are more advanced, more devices are now capable of processing typical workloads and the threats to your business’ sensitive data are more prevalent than ever. We now know how to automate our workflow, as well as collect and process vast of amounts of data. However, our understanding of the real costs of running your infrastructure in your Office hasn’t caught up. Decision makers are overlooking key investment and operation costs that could cost businesses in the long run.

So, we wanted to do something about that. We created this helpful infographic to help you keep track of every cost you’re likely to face when dealing with IT, now and in the next few years.

1. Front-End Maintenance

How much time do you spend maintaining the end points within your business? A recent study by Compuware spoke with over 200 IT directors – do you know what they found? 35% of IT average departments spend their time fixing existing hardware and software problems. That adds up to nearly 3 hours per person, per day, wasted on maintaining systems that should just work. So, whether you or your IT department are updating desktops, replacing hard drives, installing software updates or fighting threats (such as quarantining servers or removing kryptolockers) – you’re racking up serious costs for your business. You’re wasting money on maintaining systems, rather than spending your valuable time and resources on improving systems and growing your business instead.

2. Customisation & Implementation

Jenny from D block wants OpenOffice installing on her PC, rather than Word. Steve in Marketing needs Photoshop, Jason in Sales prefers Firefox and Lucy in Management wants to access her work files on her iPad – Everyone has different requirements. It’s IT’s job to balance these needs with the needs of the business. You’ll not only spend time configuring these requirements however, but you’ll also have to spend time ensuring that any updates cater to these individual configurations. You don’t want to roll out an update, only to lose everyone’s preferences in the process.


3. Training For Staff

Transferring everyone over from Gmail and Google Docs to Hosted Exchange or Office365? This is a common example that we have come across before, as businesses transition away from free, public services to paid (and more secure) services.

4. Network Upgrade Costs

5. Cost of Network Maintenance

6. Hardware Upgrade Costs

7. Hardware Maintenance Costs

8. Additional IT Personnel

9. Maintaining Business Continuity

10. Unexpected Downtime


At Synextra, we believe in transparency. That’s why we only build bespoke solutions where everything your business needs is included in simple, monthly prices. You know exactly what everything costs and won’t get stung by additional add-ons, upgrades or ‘packages.’

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