What Is a Thin Client?
By : Synextra

What is a client?

Some companies may use the word client to make their product or service sound unique and different from the competition. However, the word ‘client’ just refers to a device you will use for work, to access a network or to browse the internet.

What is a thin client?

In short, a thin client is basically a small, lightweight, low-powered PC. In other words, a low-cost, centrally-managed computer that doesn’t have any CD-ROM players, disk drives, or expansion slots. In this post, we’ll explain thin clients in a little more detail while also looking at how they can be used. Broader explanation here.

How can I use a thin client?

With the power of the cloud and Hosted Desktops, you can do anything you would on a large, expensive, power-hungry PC. However, you can do so with a much smaller investment, fewer overheads and lower operating costs. Plus, our cloud infrastructure is constantly upgraded to keep it at the peak of performance. So you won’t have to upgrade your hardware in a few years when new software comes out – which makes a thin client more future-proof than a traditional PC tower.

Synextra are Hosted, Desktop specialists based in the UK. Whether you need rapid deployment times or just want to future-proof your office, get in touch with the team today.


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